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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tricks direct free kick in PES 2014


Pro Evolution Soccer football simulation video game must have been very popular among gamers, especially fans of football. PES 2014 game made by Konami’s popular thanks to its gameplay is identical and feels real like a real football game.

In fact, because it was too real, sometimes gamers have little difficulty in doing some action in PES 2014. One of the hardest is when executing a direct free kick towards goal.

But there is a trick that is very telling and off to break through an opponent during a free kick on the game made by Konami "PES 2014".

There are several things that need to be taken into account when making a free kick in PES 2014. Direction kicks, power, until the player is selected to execute a free kick must also be considered.

For more details, see the vidio tutorial below, how do I do that free kick at PES 2014 GOL produced below:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

PES 2014 Skills and Tricks by Maremas


Playing the game PES 2014 will be very nice if we can do a good trick. Many tips and tricks that we can learn in playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, as a ploy to make the motion to outwit the opponent.

Tips and tricks to play PES 2014 on this very nice maremas we learn to be came into the game quickly and beautifully. In a video uploaded on youtube on this, you can learn various tricks such as "Bergkamp Flick" and other deceptive motion.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Skill and Graphics Which Settled In Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Trailer


After we saw some video tutorials presented by Konami to show that there are many new features in PES 2014, this time Konami bring back the latest tutorial videos. Through these videos, so far you can see how we control the ball, defend, and the formations where players can change motivation. The video show how we control the goalkeeper to the rescue, and commanding performer.

As far as we see in the Pro Evolution Soccer series, the goalkeeper may only serve to keep wicket, and its control was limited (in PES 2013 and previous versions, gamers can make the goalkeeper forward by holding down triangle). But in PES 2014, the goalkeeper was given authority to rule the player to throw the ball, even to organize an attack. Previously, we’ve seen how the “real” of FIFA 14 game-play in a press conference held in EA Games E3 2013. Well, this time turn the show off the competitor, none other than Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. Previously, we’ve seen a teaser video and some screenshots showing the match between Bayern Munich and FC Santos this time the second game is shown in a trailer that was shown in the E3 Konami press conference.


In the two-minute trailer, gamers can see the players of Bayern Munich and Bayern supporter cheers. On the other hand, there is a Brazilian club, Santos F.C, that get ready to fight Bayern Munich. After the match began, with back sound of Beethoven, dribbling moves made ​​by the player to be good and have a corresponding rhythm with the song. There are some typical movements displayed by the players and Feint that is quite unique. Additionally, gamers can see that this time not only the foot that can be moved, the hand can come into play to stop the opponent's movement rate.

On the other hand, the graphics is very good. Players can see how the noisy supporters in the stadium. There are some supporter’s lit firecrackers and ornate emblem club supporters who formed a home (here the image forming supporter club Bayern Munich). Previously, we’ve heard that Konami has licensed Asian AFC Championship game ball into their next flagship, PES 2014. Well, this time the publisher will re-license the other football clubs, the football club from Argentina. Reportedly, Konami will bring the 20 clubs of the AFA Primera DivisiĆ³n, in a league where Boca Juniors played. Previously, in PES 2013 Konami has licensed clubs of the Brazilian football league, and one of them is Sao Paulo FC, ​​where Neymar played before he comes to Barcelona.

Below there is a video tutorial for skill players PES 2014