Tips and Tricks How to Play PES 2014

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is a game with lots of new features where you can play “becomes a Legend” with a format approaching of the real football world. It makes you a master like a professional footballer. Well, in the 2014 version, it is certainly a lot of cheats, tips, and trick. This game can also be run on many platforms, ranging from PlayStation, X-Box, Nintendo, PC, and other gaming consoles. Therefore, we will discuss the tips at this moment. For a new category of games released this year, it is definitely much has changed and yet you know as tutorials on strategy formation, the new menu display, each player skills, techniques, dribbling tricks, and many other secret tricks.  Well, without following lengthy amount of tactics and tricks in order to play PES 2014 for your more powerful skills to win in every match.


PES 2014 Dribble

Rainbow Flick: Press and hold L2, and press the right analog 2 times

Backhell Feint: Press and hold L2, turn 1/4 right-of-way analog circle to the top left and bottom left

Ball roll 1: Press and hold L2, point analog to the right down

Ball roll 2: Press and hold L2, point the right analog downward then upward

Front Flick: Press and hold L2, press the right analog and analog left towards the right to the upper left.

Free Kick On PES 2014

Press L1 and R1 simultaneously.

Press and hold the button towards the bottom , and then press the power gauge with box approximately 60 %, immediately release the button and change the directions below before pressing the + X direction and the ball will dip.

Navigate Kick 

Press the L1 box before kicking (when the bar still appears) press X then the ball will fall swiftly leads to the down side. Look the first kicker stats and then appropriate it with the kick point shot and press the L1, then the box before kicking ( when the bar still appears ) press triangle then the ball will fall swiftly lead to the corner side.

Tricks Penalty PES 2014

At this point, we can just press the button box (immediately released) then wait a while until the players move closer to the ball. Once the player is in a position near the ball, we push the direction button up / down by pressing it until the player kicking the ball.
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